Whether your looking to upgrade your existing home, customize a new build for your family, or build an energy efficient home to minimize your environmental footprint we can help you accomplish your goals from start to finish. Click or scroll below for details on how we can help you accomplish your goals.



If you're  looking to add value to your home, improve it's functionality, update it's style, or adapt it to changing needs we can provide the outstanding quality of service and value you need. Instead of adapting to your home, let us adapt your home to you, with any of the projects listed below, and many more.

  • Additions

  • In-law suites

  • Kitchen Remodels

  • Bathroom Remodels

  • Custom Tile Work

  • Custom Cabinetry/Moldings/Carpentry

  • Whole House Renovations

  • Window Replacements

  • Structural Repair

  • Insulation/Energy Efficiency Improvements

  • Garages

  • Decks/Patios


New Construction

Maybe your looking to expand for a growing family, or finally move into the home of your dreams. Whatever your reason, we can give you a home that is not just a living space, but rather a family heirloom. 

Whether starting with one of our ready to build floor plans or customizing a design from scratch, our team h as the expertise and resources to design a home that will last for generations. Once the design is complete our meticulous material selections and careful craftsmanship will ensure the finished product exceeds expectations.

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Passive and Net Zero Homes

What is a Passive Home?

A Passive Home is designed to attain a quantifiable and rigorous level of energy efficiency within a specific quantifiable comfort level. To that end, a passive building is designed and built in accordance with these five building-science principles: 

  • Employs continuous insulation throughout its entire envelope without any thermal bridging.

  • The building envelope is extremely airtight, preventing infiltration of outside air and loss of conditioned air.

  • Employs high-performance windows (usually triple-paned windows depending on climate and building type) and doors - solar gain is managed to exploit the sun's energy for heating purposes in the heating season and to minimize overheating during the cooling season.

  • Uses some form of balanced heat- and moisture-recovery ventilation.

  • Uses a minimal space conditioning system. 

What is a Net Zero Home?

The definition of a Net Zero Home is decidedly simpler: A Net Zero Home is a home that generates as much energy in a given year as it uses in that same year. 

While the definition is much simpler the end result is similar to that of a Passive Home. Without an extremely large PV array or wind turbine, a conventionally built home of today is not capably of producing enough energy to meet all its requirements. Therefor Net Zero Homes are typically designed to an extremely energy efficient standard in order to reduce the energy requirements to a point where they can be produced on site.

Interested in an Energy Efficient Build?

Viau Builders has the expertise to build your new home to either of these efficiency standards, however in our opinion the best option is somewhere in the middle. 

The Passive Home standard requires a significant amount of cost to be invested in insulation, so much so that often it goes beyond that point at which it would be cheaper to add a solar array to produce the energy that could be saved by adding more insulation.

The above statement would push us towards Net Zero as a more cost effective standard. However, PV efficiencies are highly reliant on location both on a large scale (Phoenix vs. Cleveland for example)  and small scale (is putting a PV array on your roof going to force you to cut down the tree you love?). This means that in our region it is often cheaper to buy the electricity from the grid (or natural gas from the distributor) than to install a PV array. 

In summary our preference is to use the Net Zero standard as a guide, but leave the installation of a PV array (or other energy generation equipment) to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

If your interested in learning more about building your next home to a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly standard then contact us today for more information.